The 'HaloRC Odin' was designed for those needing a more hardcore micro toothpick frame that is more durable, and easier to repair in the field than those currently on the market.

We used a minimalist 'sandwiched plates' build method, along with boomerang arms, to create a micro frame with arms that are easy to replace in the field. Having to replace the whole frame of a monoplate design after breaking one arm is no longer a problem with the Odin.


The 'HaloRC Guitarpick' is a 2-3 inch ultralight micro frame commonly referred to as the 'Toothpick Class'. Designed to be fitted with 'whoop' style boards or a 16x16 stack, and 11xx-14xx size motors with a 12mm diameter mounting pattern.

We teamed up with NJTech to develop this frame and together created the ultimate toothpick class frame. Our main goal was to make a frame that can be used to build many different setups and is easy to adapt to a wide selection of components.


The 'Halo RC Osiris' is a freestyle frame designed with weight and rigidity as the main focus, with enough room to mount a wide range of components cleanly.

We developed the spine to allow us to move the arms away from the centre of the frame, making them shorter and lighter while retaining multiple points of contact for each of the four arms.


The 'Rah' is the latest lightweight race frame from HaloRC, and probably our very best frame yet.

We have taken the trend of race frames that have arms that connect at the front and rear of the frame to the next level.


The 'Archon V2' is finally here. After many months of rigorous testing we have managed to improve on an already awesome frame. The Archon V2 retains all of the best features of it's predecessor while bringing the component selection up to date.

Let's start with what we kept from the OG Archon. The same low profile top mounted battery frame design with a carbon fiber fpv camera assembly were the two main features we had to keep. This frame setup places the HD camera and battery in the best possible position to help keep the weight in the middle of the frame and above the props.

Nemesis V2

The 'Halo RC Nemesis V2' has arrived, and our most popular frame just got a whole lot better. This awesome race frame has many different configurations, with the ability to modify and create the TPU mounts to suit almost every component choice.

We have taken all the suggestions (...and complaints) about the V1 and spent over a year redeveloping the Nemesis into the ultimate FPV race frame. The Nemesis V2 arms can be interchanged with the Nimrod arms, for those who want to run the skinny 5mm thick arms for maximum airflow while running a 4 in 1 ESC.


The 'Halo RC Nimrod' is a variation of the Nemesis V2 which replaces the TPU camera mount with a carbon fiber one. Our extensive testing with carbon front end frames lead us to develop the Nimrod in the same manor as the Archon, using all three plates (top, middle and bottom) to disperse the impact force better and reduce breaks.

The Nimrod as standard runs 5mm thick skinny arms designed for maximum airflow while running a 4 in 1 ESC. However, the Nemesis V2 arms can be interchanged with the Nimrod, for those of you who want to run the wider 4mm thick Nemesis V2 arms.


The 'Halo RC Cyclic' is a ductless whoop frame designed for 6mm brushed motors and 31mm propellor's. Available in various configurations, True X, Stretch X, Wide X and a Stretch Plus.

Each frame uses the same 4 TPU motor mounts that are designed to hold the motors securely while providing some crash protection and vibration dampening.


This frame is now retired and has been replaced with the Archon V2, spares are still available.

The 'Halo RC Archon' is a low profile top mounted battery frame, designed primarily for FPV freestyle flying.

Featuring a tried and tested FPV camera protection system with integrated HD camera mounting options.


This frame is now retired and has been replaced with the Nemesis V2, spares are still available.

The 'Halo RC Nemesis' is a lightweight modular frame, designed for FPV racing. Currently only available in a True X 210 5 inch pre production kit.

When thinking about the needs of a race frame and discussing the requirements with some of the top racers in the world, we have come to some conclusions.

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