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The HaloRC Naked BMPCC 6K-E V2 is the ultimate Naked Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera. Available as a 'Full' version that includes our new screen extension and a 'Part' version that does not.


The HaloRC Naked BMPCC6K-E V2 is the most powerful, feature rich and user freindly naked camera in the world! We have solved the weight and size issues faced with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K by adapting it to run Sony E-Mount lens's that are on average 400g lighter than their EF counterparts.

Designed from the ground up to incorperate our new screen extension that uses a more standard cable, and our new custom sensor ribbon cable.

Choose from our versatile range of options to suit your needs. Opt for the 'DIY Kit' and dive into the immersive experience of building your own camera with our comprehensive video build guide. Alternatively, select the 'Convert' option, allowing us to professionally transform your existing camera into a naked masterpiece. And for those seeking ultimate convenience, our RTF (Ready to Film) option offers a fully converted camera that's primed for filming straight out of the box.


Includes all the parts required to convert your own Blackmagic camera into a Naked BMPCC.

from £299.99

Send us your camera and we will convert and set it all up for you.

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Ready To Film

We provide the camera and supply you with a 'Ready To Film' setup (lens not included).

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The HaloRC Naked BMPCC6K-E V2 is available in two versions.

The 'Base' version is designed for those seeking a more affordable option without compromising on performance. It includes everything you need to operate the camera as intended, with the exception of the external screen extension. This version offers the flexibility to upgrade to the external screen extension at a later date, allowing you to tailor your setup according to your evolving needs. It's also a perfect choice for existing V2 camera owners who require an additional camera (please note, a 'Main Extension PCB' and ribbon cable will be required to connect your exsisting screen extension).

For an unparalleled experience, the 'Full' version is the ultimate choice. It includes the external screen extension along with the necessary additional PCBs, ribbon cables, and mini SAS cable. By incorporating these components, you gain access to the full functionality of the camera itself and all the features of our naked kit. While the original screen is technically not required for operating the camera, particularly when utilizing a control monitor such as the Portkeys LH5 or B5M, it remains a valuable asset.

Since the release of firmware version 8.1 it is no longer necessary to give any thought to the age of your camera and what firmware version it can run. Everyone can and should be running the latest firmware version from 8.1 onwards. This version allows the camera to boot up without the need to connect the screen, which was a bit of an issue before. Harness the power of this firmware upgrade as it unlocks the internal gyro data stored within the BRAW video file. This data is pre-synced and seamlessly compatible with Gyroflow, allowing for effortless stabilization

With this in mind, the HaloRC Naked BMPCC6K-E V2 has been optimised to deliver clean gyro data, effectively minimizing vibrations and eliminating extraneous movement independent of the sensor. The result is astonishingly stable footage that remains free from unexpected jitters, even in challenging conditions like windy environments.

Our new sensor cables have released us from the design restrictions presented by using the original cables, allowing us a more non comprimised approach to the design. By running the sensor cable inside the carbon plates keeps it safe and free from damage.

The V2 sensor cases comprise of 2 carbon fiber plates and a nylon surround printed using Multi Jet Fusion (MJF). The lens mount is secured through the lens ring, carbon fiber plate and nylon printed parts using 2.2mm self tapping screws. This provides the maximum ammount of strength we could acheive.

The sensor case and the carbon struts that secure it in place have been moved forward to provide more room for your batteries. The interlocking design of the struts, now connecting both the bottom and top plates, offers superior structural integrity. The old single slot design has been replaced by a series of holes set at 5 degree increments allowing for easier and more precise stabilization in post-production. The lens can be set to an angle of between -20 and +35 degrees.

With the exception of the power input and toggle switch located on the side of the camera, all of the buttons and status lights have been relocated to the rear of the camera. The I/O panel puts all the controls in one place along with the screen extension port making it much easier to operate.

The status led will turn green when the camera is powered up and will change to red when record is triggered. A big red record button is provided alongside three smaller ones for controlling various functions defined in the settings and a forth used for accessing the playback menu when the external screen is attached. Below the function buttons you still have access to the HDMI and USB C allowing you to still use external monitors or ssd drives, this also retains the ability to update the firmware easily.

This is acheived using a series of daughter board PCB's that are mounted to the bottom plate and connect to each other and the main BMPCC board using ribbon cables. No PCB's are mounted to the BMPCC main board keeping it free from unnecesary vibrations and insecure components.

The final feature of the HaloRC Naked BMPCC6K-E V2 is our new screen extension that utilises a readily available standard cable and connection called 'Internal Mini SAS'. This high speed data connection is designed for connecting various components within server racks among other things and is perfectly suited for carrying a clean signal between the camera and screen.

The connectors have a locking mechanism that secures them in place to prevent accidental unplugging and more freedom of movement. Available in various lengths to suit your requirements and easily found on Amazon and AliExpress at low prices.

Our new screen case features mounting slots for fitting a SmallRig sunshade (designed for Atomos Ninja V) to make the screen far more usable in brighter conditions. The case also features a 1/4 inch mounting point in the bottom for fitting to a tripod of 1/4 inch to cold shoe adapters, allowing you to mount the screen to the top of the sensor case making it easier than ever to adjust your exposure and check your focus.

Premium MFT
Laowa 7.5mm F2.8

Budget MFT
SLR Magic 8mm F4.0

Premium EF
Laowa 12mm F2.8

Budget EF
Tokina 8mm F2.8

Premium Sony E
Laowa 9mm F2.8

Budget Sony E
Samyang 12mm F2.0

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