Gyro Logger

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10% of this sale goes directly to the GyroFlow project!

The HaloRC Gyro Logger uses the Hawkeye 4K camera and makes it the ultimate solution for logging gyro data for post stabilsation software such as Gyroflow.

Kit Overview

The HaloRC Gyro Logger is designed to make it easy to record and use gyro data in post stabilisation software such as Gyroflow. Allowing you to create butter smooth footage from any camera.

The Hawkeye 4k camera is fitted to our Gyro Logger case to create the ultimate solution for logging your gyro data along with a video file used for linking up your logs and footage with ease.

Available as a 'Kit Only' option, for building a Gyro Logger from your own Hawkeye camera. Also as a 'Ready To Film' option where we provide the camera, set it up, and fit it to the case for you.

Kit Only

Includes all the parts required to convert your own Hawkeye 4K camera.

Ready To Film

We provide the Hawkeye 4K camera, set it up and fit it to our case for you.


You attach the HaloRC Gyro Logger to any camera using the built in cold shoe mount, or remove the cold shoe and create your own mounting solution.

This allows you to record a gyro log file that can be used to stabilise the footage from any camera. Whether your camera has some form of stabilisation or not, the HaloRC Gyro Logger is used to create gimbal like stabilisation in post.

Tried and tested on our range of Naked Cinematic cameras such as the Naked BMPCC 6K-E, and proven to produce silky smooth footage similar to Reelsteady or Hypersmoothed GoPro footage.

The HaloRC Gyro Logger is a standalone unit that only requires you to send power to the logger (5-20v) from either a seperate battery or an auxiliry power source, add an SD card, and hit the Start/Stop button to record your gyro logs.

When you are done filming for the day, you have easy access to remove your SD card, or you can copy the files using the USB-C connector.

You then use the video files created to pair with your main camera footage. Then simply use the corresponding gyro data text file in Gyroflow along with your main footage. Many different sync settings work well, one to three auto sync points and default settings can get the job done, but it largely depends on the footage you are stabilising.