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The HaloRC Naked BMCC6K-FE is the ultimate Naked cinema camera. We have taken the latest full frame 6k camera Blackmagic has to offer and removed 60% of the weight while converting it to Sony E mount.

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Camera Overview

The Naked BMCC6K-FE represents the latest addition to our naked cinema camera lineup. We have meticulously transformed the flagship full-frame Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K to accept Sony E Mount lenses, simultaneously achieving a remarkable weight reduction from 1200g to just 500g.

Despite the larger size and distinct shape of the main PCB compared to the original Pocket 4K and 6K models, we have successfully integrated it into the same form factor as our other naked cameras. This ensures compatibility with our naked Cinelifter, the Horus, and our Cinewhoop, the Kali. Furthermore, it can be mounted to any frame equipped with naked camera mounting points. This versatility allows for a seamless integration into a variety of professional setups.

Choose from our three available options to suit your needs. Opt for the 'DIY Kit' and dive into the immersive experience of building your own camera with our comprehensive video build guide. Alternatively, select the 'Convert' option, allowing us to professionally transform your existing camera into a naked masterpiece (you ship us a camera to convert). And for those seeking ultimate convenience, our RTF (Ready to Film) option offers a fully converted camera that's primed for filming straight out of the box (we provide the camera to convert).


Includes all the parts required to convert your own Blackmagic camera into a Naked BMCC6K-FE.

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Send us your camera and we will convert and set it all up for you.

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Ready To Film

We provide the camera and supply you with a 'Ready To Film' setup (lens not included).

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The HaloRC Naked BMCC6K-FE introduces a redesigned sensor case tailored to accommodate the new full-frame sensor. Supported by our proven vertical carbon fiber struts, users can easily adjust the camera angle from -20 degrees to +35 degrees, providing flexibility to meet diverse shooting requirements.

In recognition of the unique demands posed by a full-frame sensor, the Naked BMCC6K-FE exclusively employs Sony FE manual prime lenses. These lenses, designed for Sony E mount and optimized for full-frame sensors, come in a broad spectrum of focal lengths and, crucially, varying weights. Given the primary focus on minimizing weight in a naked camera setup, we strongly recommend utilizing the lightest available lenses.

Among the recommended lens options is the Laowa 11mm FE lens, weighing in at a mere 254g, making it the lightest and widest lens suitable for use with this camera. This lightweight choice allows users to operate the camera on a cinewhoop like the HaloRC Kali. While our testing has shown impressive results with a heavier 450g 18mm Magic SLR Cine Prime lens, it's important to note that the increased weight does impact flight performance and balance. Therefore, we recommend using such lenses with caution and preferably on a larger craft such as our HaloRC Horus.

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is shipped from the factory with firmware version 8.3, eliminating any concerns about powering it up and operating the camera without the need for the original screen.

When utilizing a Portkeys monitor or a Bluetooth app, you gain extensive control over the camera settings and have the ability to view the feed through HDMI. The original screen is exclusively required for pairing a device to manage settings. As long as the device is up to date and compatible with the new camera, reliance on the original screen becomes obsolete.

Due to these considerations, the Naked BMCC6K-FE does not come with a screen extension option, in contrast to our Naked BMPCC models. The original screen is equipped with a flexible ribbon cable, facilitating easy attachment to the camera after the conversion to a naked configuration. However, consistent use of the original screen connector poses a risk of damaging your camera. Therefore, it is advised to solely employ the original screen for initial Bluetooth device setup, thereafter utilizing the paired device for seamless control of your camera settings.

With the exception of the power input and toggle switch, situated on the top and side of the camera respectively, all buttons and status lights have been strategically relocated to the rear of the camera. This redesign centralizes the I/O panel, consolidating all controls and incorporating the CFExpress card slot for a more streamlined and user-friendly operation.

Upon powering up the camera, the left status LED illuminates in green, providing a clear visual indication of the camera's operational status. Furthermore, the right LED illuminates red when the recording function is triggered. A prominently featured large record button is complemented by three smaller buttons, designated for controlling various functions as defined in the settings.

Conveniently, HDMI and USB-C ports are easily accessible from the front of the camera, facilitating seamless connection to external monitors or SSD drives. This setup not only enhances practicality but also ensures the continued ease of firmware updates for optimal camera performance.