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PART KIT does not include the DJI M200 Upward Gimbal attachment, you must provide your own to build the Pandora.


Full Kit includes everything you need to take an Inspire 2 and convert it into a Pandora.
Part Kit has the Upward Gimbal Connector removed, and you need to provide your own.

Kit & Build

Have an Inspire 2 but don't have the time to convert it? Send us your donor Inspire 2 and we will convert it into a Pandora for you. Click Here for full details.

Ready To Film

Don't have an Inspire 2 and don't want to convert one? The Ready To Film option is available when we have taken an inspire 2 and converted it into a Pandora. Click Here for full details.


Introducing the HaloRC Pandora - The ultimate naked cine camera. By repackaging the renowned gimbal camera system from a DJI Inspire 2, we've created a small form factor camera that packs a punch. With the ability to use various gimbal camera options, including the 4K X5S and 6K X7, the HaloRC Pandora offers some of the best mechanical stabilisation on the market. The camera system also features a low latency HD feed from the recording camera, full gimbal and camera control, and the ability to adjust settings on the fly for optimal results.

Through strategic weight reduction and hardware modification, we've achieved a lightweight gimbal camera system that weighs less than a comparable camera on its own. The ProRes RAW and CinemaDNG capabilities make the HaloRC Pandora perfect for both mainstream and high end video productions, and its versatility allows for limitless creative possibilities. Upgrade your camera game and harness the power of the HaloRC Pandora today.

The gimbal attachment of the HaloRC Pandora can be mounted on the top or bottom of the system, allowing for easy integration with drones running either top mount or underslung camaras. The possibilities don't stop there - by attaching SmallRig Cheesplates (product number 1598) to the top, bottom, or sides, the system can be mounted to tracking vehicles, helicopters, cable cam assemblies, or even RC cars, providing limitless creative shot options.

To further expand the mounting options, we've designed a plate that allows for the Pandora to be mounted on any Naked Cinema Camera frame (124mm x 90mm). Our team has tested flying the system on our Horus X4, a Thicc X8, Moneyshot X8, and even a QAV Pro Whoop X4, ensuring its compatibility with a variety of popular setups. The mounting pattern for the top and bottom of the Pandora system is 38mm x 48mm (landscape). You can either add this pattern to your own frame, or use the SmallRig Cheeseplate with 1/4 inch fastening.

The HaloRC Pandora also boasts a user-friendly power system. With a simple XT60 connection and dedicated power switch, powering the camera is a breeze. The camera runs on 4-6 cells, and a 4 cell 850mah lipo will provide approximately 7 minutes of record time or 25 minutes standby time. The Pandora also includes a discreet fan inside the system to keep the temperature down, and we haven't experienced any overheating issues to date.

To ensure high-quality recording, the Pandora uses DJI CineSSD's. The system makes it easy to insert and remove your cards, allowing for seamless swapping and storage of footage. Additionally, proxy footage is recorded to the internal SD card, but can only be accessed through the USB connection.

The system also features SMA antenna connections, allowing you to optimize the RC link by choosing your antenna. The system can transmit on 2.4 or 5.8ghz, with 2.4ghz having higher output power and better range. We've tested various antenna options and found that dedicated 2.4ghz dipoles perform very well and do not impede the HD feed as much as other options. Running stubby dipoles can give you more downward angle when filming in the top mount position, but the range and penetration of the system will be reduced.

Kit & Build

This option is for customers who would like to send us a donor Inspire 2, and have us convert it into a Pandora.

After placing an order for this option, you will receive our shipping details so you can send us your Inspire 2. You will also be asked to update your aircraft, controller and gimbal/s to the latest firmare and provide a photo/screenshot of the firmware list within the Go Fly app. We can build them using older firmware but you may run into compatability issues with gimbals on different firmware and potentially some SSD issues. Updating after the conversion is limited because so many components are removed.

You only need to send us the main body of the Inspire 2, so if you can, please remove the arms, motors and esc's. This greatly reduces the size and weight that needs to be shipped between us when we do not need them. Sending us your controller is required, this is so we can send back a fully tested unit that is all bound up and ready to attach a gimbal and get filming.

Ready To Film

This option is a Pandora that we have allready built from an Inspire 2, for customers just wanting to buy the complete system.

We purchase Inspire 2's with ProRes and CinemaDNG licences and convert them into Pandora's. The Ready To Film option comes with one controller and one Pandora system fully built and tested. The only things you need to add are a CineSSD drive along with your choice of X5S or X7 gimbal.