Rah V2 Frame Kit

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TPU sold separately with a 20% discount when purchased with any frame kit.

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Frame Overview

Introducing the new and improved 'HaloRC Rah V2', a five inch race frame that is lighter, stronger and stiffer than its predecessor. Developed in close collaboration with 'Knighthawk', one of the fastest UK race pilots, this new iteration boasts a revolutionary interlocking arm system that utilizes two spines to provide unparalleled rigidity throughout the frame.

Crafted with precision, the Rah V2's new lightweight construction allows for an increased amount of carbon to be used in critical areas, while simultaneously increasing the thickness of the carbon while actually reducing the overall weight of the frame. All HaloRC frames are crafted using high quality T700 carbon and are fitted with 12.9 hardened steel hardware to maximize durability and quality.

Designed to accommodate all of the 20x20 4 in 1 ESC's currently on the market, this frame offers a wide range of options for your setup. Whether you prefer running a HDZero digital or an analogue FPV system, the top plate's 20x20 mounting holes make it easy to mount your VTX.

To help you personalize your setup further, we offer a range of TPU nano (14mm wide) camera mounts and VTX antenna mounting options. This ensures that you can tailor your setup to your exact specifications and fly with confidence knowing that your gear is secure.

The Rah V2's bottom plate is secured using a combination of four main countersunk bolts and two socket head bolts that do not go through the bottom plate, and instead tighten up against the arms. This innovative design allows for a flat surface with no bolts digging into your lipo, while the socket head bolts can be tightened much tighter than the rest, ensuring that the arms remain secure throughout each and every flight.

Our new interlocking arm method uses one main bolt per arm with the second bolt being shared by two arms. This is acheived by removing half the thickness of the carbon allowing the arms overlap at this point and to be secured with a single bolt that holds the arms together.

Two spines that butt up against the arms are then secured in place using the stack bolts. This minimises hardware weight while maximising the effectiveness of the spines.

One of the standout features of the original Rah was the ability to run two lipo straps. With the Rah V2, we've taken it to the next level. Running two lipo straps significantly improves flight performance by securing the main bulk of weight more securely than a single strap, and the added benefit is that the forces are spread over two straps, making them far less likely to break. This feature is a game-changer for pilots looking to take their flights to the next level.