Rah Frame Kit

TPU sold separately with a 20% discount when purchased with any frame kit.

The Rah is the latest lightweight race frame from HaloRC, and probably our very best frame yet.

We have taken the trend of race frames that have arms that connect at the front and rear of the frame to the next level.

Sorry, no build guide available for this frame at this time.

Please check out the YouTube videos linked at the bottom of this page.

Frame Overview

The 'Rah' is the latest lightweight race frame from HaloRC, and the first of our frame designs to use our 'spine' concept.

By connecting the arms at the front and rear of the frame allowed us to make the arms a lot shorter, resulting in huge gains in durability and reductions in weight.

The Rah has room to fit a 30x30 stack and even a DJI Air Unit while only weighing 65g. With the added ability to use up to 2 lipo straps to secure your battery securely.

The main feature of this frame is what we call the 'spine', it is an extra piece of carbon that runs down the body of the frame. The spine is used to connect the front and rear arms and provide an extra point of contact for the arms to butt up against.

Compared to a frame that has the arms connecting in the centre, there is a large reduction in rigidity through the body of the frame. This is what the spine was designed to counteract, by providing a lot of rigidity through the body of the frame.

This creates a unique chasis system that helps distribute impact forces through the frame. One of the added benefits is that we can run separate arms that only require the removal of one bolt to replace.

The FPV camera is arguably the most important part on a race setup, and the Rah has been designed with a lot of focus in this area. There are a range of camera mounts available to fit all the various nano, micro, mini and DJI sized cameras.

The other modular area of the Rah is the VTX antenna mounts. Using our tried and tested mounting system from the Nemesis and Nimrod frames, we have created TPU mounts for any antenna and they use the top plate to help secure them in place.

The flight controller stack is offset from the centre of the frame to allow more room for the camera to sit behind the front standoffs. There are mounting options for either a 30.5mm or a 20mm stack.

The spine and bottom plate work together to allow up to 2 battery straps to be used to secure the lipo in place, this greatly reduces the chance of battery ejection and straps breaking.