Archon V3 Frame Kit

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TPU sold separately with a 20% discount when purchased with any frame kit.

The HaloRC Archon V3 is our flagship freestyle frame. Designed to carry a wide range of components and HD cameras, while remaining as light and durable as possible.

The evolution of our spine concept now interlocks with the arms, providing strength and rigidity while removing arm wiggle. Our toughest vertical carbon front end yet keeps your FPV camera protected, and provides the perfect mounting solution for your HD camera.

Frame Overview

The Archon was the first frame ever released by HaloRC, and the V3 takes everything we have learned over the last 5 years to create the ultimate freestyle frame.

Many of the features of the original Archon have been implemented in the V3. Most obviously the vertical carbon front end that houses the FPV camera and supports the HD camera, and the signature 'claw' arm ends that protect the motors and prevent delaminations.

New features include the evolution of our spine design concept, space to fit all modern components and our strongest vertical carbon front end ever.

The main feature of the Archon V3 can be found in the spine and arm design. We have cut away part of the carbon to create these inset cuts that interlock with one another. By interlocking the arms with the spine we have created multiple points of contact to deflect impact forces from all directions, while also greatly reducing arm wiggle.

Adding this 5mm thick piece of carbon that runs down the centre of the frame provides a lot of strength and rigidity where your flight stack is mounted, reducing the amount of vibrations (noise) picked up by the flight controller.

This allows you to reduce filtering, increase PID's and have better flight performane. During testing we have managed to run gyro LPF's at 500-1000hz and just a single DTerm LPF with P's over 100 and D's in the 60's (testing on BF4.3 with damaged props, please tune with care).

The Archon V3 vertical carbon front end provides protection for your FPV camera and removes any part of the frame from your FPV feed at all angles. The carbon is doubled up to 3mm thick surrounding the lens for extra protection.

The TPU plug that fits in the vertical plates has mounting holes that allow you to fit any micro sized camera (and the original DJI camera). It is adjustable to suit any lens length, allowing you to place the camera in the perfect position.

HD camera mounts are secured to a horizontal standoff and a press nut in the top plate. After removing the 6 top plate bolts, the HD camera mount acts like a hinge allowing you to raise the top plate and work on components much like a car bonnet/hood. This is the most secure mounting system we have created.

With the largest overall build space out of all of our frames, the Archon V3 makes it easy to fit all of your components. There is space behind the camera that can accomodate a capacitor and receiver. Depending on what flight stack and VTX you run, there is space between the the middle and rear sections of the frame, giving you lots of options and possibilities to put together a clean build.

You can run either a full size 30.5mm stack, or one of the wide range of fully capable 20mm stacks. All of the stack screws can be accessed withought taking the frame apart, the 30.5mm mounting holes are actually slots that make this possible.

We highly recommend mounting 4 in 1 ESC's with the lipo lead exiting out the side, but there is still plenty of space to route your lipo lead when mounting like you would in a race frame.

The rear section of the Archon V3 is used for mounting your VTX and antennae. We have made this section large enough to mount a DJI Air Unit, so it's safe to say that all analogue VTX's will also fit comfortably.

We offer antenna mounts for both analogue or DJI setups, and also a mount for the DJI Air Unit. There are 20x20 M2 mounting holes for securing a Vista or analogue VTX along with zip tie holes resulting in many mounting options for you VTX.