Osiris Frame Kit

(ex VAT £59.99)

TPU sold separately with a 20% discount when purchased with any frame kit.

The HaloRC Osiris is a lightweight freestyle frame available in two sizes to fit either 5 or 6 inch props (90g-92g).

With the addition of a spine, we have created a unique frame design that allows us to reduce weight without comprimising durability, while significantly reducing frame resonance.

Osiris LONGBODY Frame Kit

(ex VAT £59.99)

TPU sold separately with a 20% discount when purchased with any frame kit.

The HaloRC Osiris Longbody is a variation of the Osiris frame available in two sizes to fit either 5 or 6 inch props (95g-97g).

Designed and tested with world class cinematic pilot, Andrew Lawrence, we extended the front end of the frame slightly (and increase bottom plate thickness to 2mm) allowing pilots to film HD footage at less than 0 degrees of uptilt with no props in view. This version also removes props from your FPV feed for those needing to broadcast live footage at events.

Frame Overview

The Osiris is a freestyle frame designed with weight and rigidity as the main focus. Making it a perfect frame for pilots wanting to run low camera angles for that 'juicy' style, or cinematic pilots that require super smooth footage.

To reduce weight, this is the first frame we have designed where the arms don't all meet in the middle. Instead, the Osiris arms connect towards the front and rear of the body. This results in the arms being shorter and lighter, but takes away the rigidity created by 4 arms connecting rather than just 2.

To counteract this drawback we designed what we call, a 'spine', an additional piece of 5mm carbon that runs through the center of the frame. The spine adds a lot of rigidity and multiple points of contact for each arm, resulting in a durable frame that has minimal frame resonance.

The spine provides so much rigidity that we were able to split the middle plate in two and have the flight stack bridge the gap. Initially this was intended to reduce weight, but we believe resulted in the added benefit of reducing the vibrations seen by your gyro.

The Osiris was developed to minimise the magnitude of these vibrations in order to reduce the amount of filtering required by your flight controller, having a direct positive impact on flight perfomance.

Impact forces from the arms are distributed through the spine, reducing breakages and delamination.

Below are examples of raw gyro data from each axis, collected from a heavily used 12 month old Osiris setup. As you can see even with all the ware and tare endured, the frame still manages to produce clean data for your flight controller to work with which greatly improves flight performance.

The front section is 6.5mm taller than the rest of the frame to provide more room for a wider choice of FPV cameras. We have a range of camera mounts available to fit all the FPV camera's on the market.

You have the option to run either a full size 30.5mm stack, or one of the wide range of fully capable 20mm stacks that are now available. There is another set of 20x20 mounting holes at the rear of the body with lots of room up front, making it easy to fit all your components.

The DJI Air Unit will not fit in this frame in a way that we can recommend. Instead if you are running DJI, you will need to use a Vista. All analogue VTX's will fit, with plenty of room for an SMA mounted antenna. We have various VTX antenna mounting options to suit your needs.

The top plate spans the whole length of the frame. You can use any of the three slots to hold your lipo straps in place. So whether you are running a HD camera or not, two straps can be used to secure your battery in the most balanced position.

The frame kit comes with 20mm standoff's for the deck and 25mm at the front as standard. You can raise the top plate and provide more room for your build by simply using longer standoffs (please note, you need 2 that are 5mm longer than the other 6).