Kali Bind and Fly Configurator

T-Motor F60 2207.5 1950kv - Gemfan D4-5
RushFPV F7 Digital - RushFPV Sport 50amp


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'Bind and Fly' drones are currently built to order, please allow up to two weeks for your order to ship.

Bind and Fly Overview

The HaloRC Kali BNF is the first of our frames to be offered as a Bind and Fly drone. We have many years of experience building and tuning FPV drones. During the development of every frame at HaloRC, we test a wide range of components to identify the best combination. Now we are pleased to offer customers a fully assembled, tested and tuned FPV drone that only requires you to bind to your transmitter and go fly.

Every BNF drone we sell is individually tested and fine tuned to provide the best experience possible. Unique test report data and analasys is provided along with Betaflight setup and 'diff' file. Additionally, we retain this data for future reference, enabling us to deliver updates to your setup whenever new features are released or enhanced performance is unlocked.

The Kali BNF is available in a variety of configurations, ensuring compatibility with your current setup. For an exceptional FPV video experience, we highly recommend the cutting-edge DJI O3 system. However, you also have the option to opt for the original Vista system. The O3 setup includes two SMA connectors and two separate antennas, while the Vista setup is supplied with a single SMA connector and antenna. Depending on your preference, we integrate either the ExpressLRS (Matek Diversity) or TBS Crossfire (Nano with Immortal T) into your Kali BNF, and tailor the Betaflight setup accordingly for optimal performance.

To add a touch of personalization, our TPU parts are available in a range of colors, while the resin and nylon12 parts are offered in classic black. Additionally, we provide the option of including a BEC to power your naked cinema camera. While we recommend powering your naked camera with a separate 2-3S lipo battery, we can also install a high-quality 12V Pololu BEC if you prefer a different setup.

Experience unrivaled power and efficiency with the T-Motor F60 motors, meticulously selected to deliver the highest performance levels for the Kali BNF. When combined with Gemfan's 5-bladed 4-inch props (D4-5), this dynamic duo propels the Kali BNF to speeds exceeding 75 kph. However, its design truly shines when flying at slower speeds, providing exceptional maneuverability for navigating through tight spaces with precision.

We have fine-tuned the Kali BNF to achieve the perfect balance between performance and flight time. With our advancements, you can enjoy up to 5 minutes of flight time on a single 2200mAh lipo battery. The throttle control offers exceptional resolution, resulting in smooth and precise shots, while the craft responds swiftly to your inputs, creating an immersive and highly responsive flying experience.

By significantly reducing vibrations, the Kali BNF creates an ideal environment for your naked cinema camera to capture impeccable footage. The only significant noise picked up by the flight controller comes from the propelors and motors, and this is easily dealt with using Betaflights RPM filtering.

The absence of disruptive vibrations enhances the overall stability of the drone, allowing for smoother and more precise shots. Moreover, the clean gyro data obtained from the Kali BNF contributes to exceptional footage stabilization, allowing you to achieve professional-grade cinematic shots with ease.

Frame Overview

The 'HaloRC Kali' is designed to carry our range of naked cinematic cameras and when paired together provide the smallest cinematic camera platform there is. Perfect for slower paced shoots and close proximety, enhanced by its integrated prop guards that ensure the safety of your subject.

Over the last seven months we have designed and tested 4 completely different frame concepts and dozens of revisions. This rigorous process has enabled us to unlock the true potential of the Kali, optimizing its performance to deliver the best results.

The Kali has a smaller footprint than a typical 5 inch racer at just 25cm x 25cm. It uses 5 or 6 bladed 4 inch props to minimise the overal size while providing enough thrust for a stable platform with good control and extended flight times.

The Kali's small footprint is achieved by running the four propellors close to each other, with all your components mounted in the centre, just like a tiny whoop. The props are run in a pusher configuration without any obstruction to the thrust to maximise the effeciency.

To safeguard against any potential contact with the ground during takeoff and landing, the frame's center has been strategically lowered below the prop line. Crafted from aerodynamically shaped nylon12 parts, this ingenious feature not only creates additional room for your components but also serves as a secure landing platform. Nylon12 feet have also been thoughtfully integrated along the outer edges of the frame to effectively prevent any propeller strikes.

The prop guard rings are positioned in perfect alignment with the props themselves. Extensive testing has confirmed that this configuration not only provides optimal efficiency but also offers protection for your subject and/or surroundings.

The Kali showcases a single main carbon plate, measuring a robust 4mm in thickness, expertly cut at a precise 45-degree angle. This deliberate design choice ensures that the inherent strength and stiffness of the carbon material are fully harnessed along the arms, optimizing the frame's rigidity and ultimately elevating its flight performance to new heights.

A carefully crafted composition of multiple carbon parts in varying thicknesses creates the underside structure. This intelligent construction allows us to strategically allocate carbon material only where necessary, effectively reducing overall weight while simultaneously enhancing stiffness to its utmost potential.

An innovative feature integrated into the Kali's main plate is the inclusion of two SMA connector mounting points. These mounting points boast a unique shape engineered to securely lock both the SMA connectors and your antennae in place.