In early 2018 we launched the Nemesis race frame in a new and engaging way. After developing the frame to a point we were happy with, we ordered a batch of final prototypes and offered pilots the chance to purchase the pre release frame at a discounted price and have the chance to add any features, modify the design and find any undiscovered flaws.

We discussed the frame with each of the test pilots and were able to make changes to the design based on their feedback. Pilots who contributed feedback that led to a design change were rewarded for their help.

Following the success and popularity of the test pilot scheme, we have decided to release our new frames in the same way. This is the place to find these prototypes and further details such as the expected test pilot scheme start date, estimated price & weight, photos, videos, renderings and as many details on the frame design that we can share.

Our Frame Design Process

We are not currently sharing any prototypes at this time.

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