The 'Halo RC Cyclic' is a ductless whoop frame designed for 6mm brushed motors and 31mm propellor's. Available in various configurations, True X, Stretch X, Wide X and a Stretch Plus.

Each frame uses the same 4 TPU motor mounts that are designed to hold the motors securely while providing some crash protection and vibration dampening.

The Cyclic is not supplie with a canopy due to the wide range of camera/VTX combo's available.

Ducted brushed motor frames like the Tiny Whoop and Eachine E010 are fun, but if you thought those ducts were creating thrust then you are sadly mistaken. When you remove the ducts and allow the air to flow freely there are notable gains in performance in all areas.

The only downside to removing the ducts is that you can't bump and bounce off of objects as easily. The 31mm props are quite durable and take a lot of hits and there isn't enough power to make the quad flip out, so you can still hit things and retain control most of the time.

You can purchase a frame directly from us which we print out of PLA+, which is the best all round material we have tested. We have also made the 3D files available to DOWNLOAD, so you can print your own for FREE.

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